Use of Cookies

By visiting and other sites managed by UAB Aconitum, the visitors express their consent to the storage and subsequent use of cookies on their computer. This process ensures that the visitors receive the most appropriate information while accessing the websites and that the content of the website is adapted to the visitor needs.

Cookies are small files that a browser places on a visitor’s computer according to its browser settings while visiting a website.

Certain cookies are used to select and customize the information and advertisements which are offered to the visitor according to the content that the user has previously reviewed. To put it more simply, it ensures that the use of the website is easier and more convenient for visitors and that the individual needs of visitors are taken into account.

To learn more about cookies, e.g. cookie types, please visit: There are two types of cookies that are used on the websites, which are operated by UAB Aconitum. First of all, the cookies of Aconitum company shop anonymous data about the website visits of previous visitors and the usage of Aconitum website. Secondly, the cookies of other entities, such as Google Analytics, are used to perform the platform analysis and content customization in order to ensure that a visitor’s computer or mobile device is identified when a visitor is re-visiting relevant websites or other sites.

If a website visitor does not want cookies to be stored on his computer, he can change his browser settings by selecting the cookie blocking option. However, UAB Aconitum recommends that visitors agree to shop cookies on their computers, as this will result in more valuable information and will make the use of the website much easier.

UAB Aconitum reserves the right to change the terms of use of cookies at its own discretion. The visitors of this website are liable for familiarizing themselves with the changed terms of use of cookies, and must therefore regularly review the content of this page.