The book “Lithuanian Managers of the Millennium”

Business is like a child that requires your love and care.


Doctor Rima Balanaškienė, the chief executive officer of UAB Aconitum, sole shareholder, the life and soul of the company and strict but fair manager, admits that she would have not achieved so much in business if it wasn’t for the team that she is working with for a long time, relies and trusts in. “Business is my lifestyle and my third child raised to the adulthood”, says the entrepreneur.


Rima Balanaškienė is well known in Lithuania: she has been hosting a television show ABC of Health for many years. In 2016 she received Businesswoman 2016 award established by the Ministry of Agriculture, and this year she became the first businesswoman of Eastern Europe participating in the finals of the competition 2018 EU Prize for Women Innovators.This is the first participation of the Lithuanian representative, out of 122 candidates, in this prestigious European competition finals.

“I never criticise young people and my own children because a child is not our property, a child comes with his fate, understanding of the world and thinking. The science increasingly sees that we have our own genome which determines our thinking and our personality. The science has already denied that a child, by no means, is a white sheet of paper which can be filled with whatever you want. We can only promote the growth, advise, if a child asks for help but if not, that means the help is not necessary. He will go his own way and will learn from his mistakes. We cannot change anything and live his life for him”, said Rima Balanaškienė, the mother of two children.

You can find more information about our chief executive officer Rima Balanaškienė in the book “Lithuanian Managers of the Millennium”.

The author of the photograph BMC.