Chief executive officer among the 12 best European businesswomen

The committee selected Rima Balanaškienė among the twelve best-performing candidates from all European Union countries. In June, four of the finalists will be announced the winners of the competition. Only our representative got into the competition finals (out of the candidates from the Baltic States and Poland). 122 women from all the European countries participated in this competition.

The European Commission organises the awards for the fifth time this year. They are intended for evaluation and promotion of businesswomen who created significant innovations and introduced them into the market.

The winner of the 1st place will be awarded a prize of EUR 100,000; the 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded EUR 50,000 and EUR 30,000. A special nomination of Emerging Innovator and EUR 20,000 prize will be awarded to the budding entrepreneur under the age of 30.

The introduction of the finalists, including Rima Balanaškienė, are placed on Youtube: